Omya Offers an Extensive Range of Standard and Specialty Grades of Calcium Carbonate With Different Particle Sizes and Optical Values for Various Coatings Applications.

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Our products can enhance the performance of your coatings, reduce formulation cost or both. All this in combination with a reduction in carbon footprint of your products.

As a functional filler, Calcium Carbonate enhances the performance of coatings. A systematic filler selection significantly influences opacity, brightness, reflectance, scrub resistance, workability, and more in decorative paints. Our products contribute to functionality and performance enhancement, formulation cost savings as well as carbon footprint reduction.
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Industrial coatings are primarily used for the protection of valuable surfaces against potentially adverse environmental conditions but can also signal functions and improve aesthetics. They are typically formulated below critical pigment volume concentration and with lower filler levels. The selection of filler is still  important because of the potential impact on gloss, viscosity, and durability. Along with its wide use in primers, Calcium Carbonate has become a suitable component in topcoats, where high gloss and considerable gloss retention as well as low haze are required.


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In powder coatings, binders are decisive for the physical properties of the final product. Pigments are used as tinting material. But what is the contribution of mineral fillers? Minerals fillers such as Calcium Carbonates will support creating a coating’s volume, respectively body. They can also help to adjust gloss levels, support anti-corrosion properties or simply improve coating economics. 


Mineral fillers in plasters & renders applications are facing demanding requirements like high brightness and the right PSD to allow texturizing to meet asthetic demands or specific characteristics to achieve crack resistant products with good sanding properties. By selecting the right quantity and balance of fine and coarse mineral particles, customers can meet the requirements of operators in the field. Natural Calcium Carbonate is an ideal mineral for developing products that meet these specific requirements. The product range is available in powder or granule from as well as in slurry and offers different particle size distributions. The customer, therefore, has a wide range of options for selecting the ideal mineral filler package for any application.


Commonly, Calcium Carbonates are used as extenders, taking over the responsibility as “white pigments” besides titanium dioxide. They allow printing of opaque white films, but also include the possibility to limit the strength of other color pigments in the system. Extenders or mineral fillers have to be carefully chosen and tuned in line with other crucial ingredients like binders, solvents or additives.


Complementary to Our Wide Portfolio of Industrial Minerals,
We Offer a Variety of Specialty Chemicals for Several Applications


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Omyasmart Technology – Smart, Safe, Multifunctional

Omyasmart is the brand name embodying the technologies developed for stabilization of water-based applications. Omyasmart increases the durability and extends applicability due to the pH stabilizing properties and the extraordinary buffer effect, whilst reducing impacts on human health & nature in parallel. 
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Meeting the Growing Demand for Lightweight Fillers

Omya offers a unique portfolio of lightweight fillers to the broader construction industry. It will support approaches to reduce the weight of products while enhancing application properties and finally adding value in the reformulation of existing recipes.
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Boosting Opacity
Have You Transformed Your Formulation Yet?

Explore the power of ChameleoBoost™ technology and how this unique offering can help you improve the performance of your products, reduce formulation cost, or both.
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Paint & Coating LAB 4.0 Our New Flexshuttle

The High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) technology on the Flexshuttle platform comes from ChemspeedTechnologies, based in Switzerland. The Flexshuttle will lead to a shorter time to market for innovations and more capacity for customer service projects. Stay informed about our progress and follow our LinkedIn stories.


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This solution allows our customers to easily transition from bag to bulk product handling and offers flexible financing options and a range of customizations.

Omya Flex - the Tailored Silo Solution for Omya Products

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